CAR Gratitude Coins represent appreciation for REALTORĀ® acts of service which go above and beyond.
Recipients are encouraged to re-gift the coins to others who embody this spirit. This idea is inspired by the NAR Own It Coin.

  1. Click HERE to Register your Coin.
  2. Post to Instagram or Twitter a picture of your coin with #growththroughgratitude
  3. Re-gift your coin to a Chicago REALTORĀ® who goes above and beyond!



Coin Number First Name Last Name Recieved From State Reason Date
21 Gail Spreen Tommy Choi IL Thanks for presenting me with the gratitude coin Tommy. TC said he was grateful for our showing encounters when he first started in the business. He said it helped him which I am so glad as being a good example is always a goal. I look forward to passing my coin 21 on in the future. Dec 16 2018
014 Julie Harron Tommy Choi IL I was honored to be given this coin. Tommy gave it to me for being determined and persistent when I was applying for a director position on the CAR board. I hope to spread growth through gratitude with others! Dec 14 2018
017 Christopher Pezza Tommy Choi IL Tommy gave me this coin because I keep it real. Now it's my job to remind people its ok to not be perfect, but always be helpful and honest. Dec 13 2018
013 Judy Gibbons Tommy Choi IL Tommy gave this coin for my work as President of Women's Council of Realtors Chicago 2018. Dec 13 2018
24 Erika Villegas Tommy Choi IL thankful for the opportunity to grow and learn from TC! Dec 12 2018
020 Antje Gehrken Tommy Choi IL Tommy Choi presented this coin to me at the 2018 Board Advance for my dedication to to the board and the industry. Thank you! Dec 26 2018
033 Arianna Dorn Tommy Choi IL Scottie Pippen Jan 03 2019
152 Collin Wasiak Tommy Choi IL Tommy Choi, President of CAR (2019), presented this coin to me for my service on the 2019 YPN advisory board. Jan 11 2019
018 Victoria Silvano Tommy Choi IL Tommy gave me this coin being grateful for my being as it reminds him of his grandfather who has sacrificed and braved coming to America. My success is a mark of the great immigrant story who overcame fear of rejection and worked hard to earn a place called 'homeownership'. Jan 31 2019
091 Rick Sobin Tommy Choi IL Helping chair a PAG committee to review MRED's Net vs. Gross policy. May 06 2019
006 Drussy Hernandez Tommy Choi IL I am very grateful to Tommy for giving me this coin for my work with the Association over the years. Thanks Tommy! Jun 20 2019
199 Amiel Harper Michelle Mills IL Grateful for you buying my shaving cream...and for our years of friendship and mutual support. Jul 02 2019
078 Julie Harron Maurice Hampton IL I was honored to be given this coin. Maurice gave it to me. I am so excited to see Maurice be CAR's 2019 President. I hope to spread growth through gratitude with others! Oct 02 2019
011 Marty Walsh Tommy Choi IL Many thanks to Tommy Choi. I was given this coin for my service on C.A.R.'s Board of Directors. Oct 02 2019
188 Clifford Long Michelle Mills Clement FL partnership Dec 17 2019
196 Rebecca Thalhofer CAR IL Thank you for everything CAR, hopefully I'll live and sell in Chciago again someday. Jan 22 2020
101 Kason Wallace Tommie Choi IL Service to Chicago Association of Realtors Jan 31 2020
163 Maria Dickman Michelle Mills Clement IL Being a leader on the culture task force Feb 17 2020
159 Lanora Tolliver Michelle Mills Clement IL CAR Culture Taskforce Leadership Feb 18 2020
2343 Steve Gongage Sarah Miller FL Dec 09 2020
167 James Votanek Tommy Choi IL Jan 01 2021